So, I sort of love fixing up my house.  I watch an exorbitant amount of HGTV and as half the people on there assure me, “we can do it.”  Luckily, I have an awesome teammate (my husband Kile) to do the scary stuff like use a saw. We make a pretty sweet team so when I say “we can totally do that”, we usually can.

Most recently we tore apart our master bathroom (which is literally the size of a tiny walk in closet) after the tile floor broke apart.  I would love to say that we “redid” our master bathroom, but as of right now we’re still wading through the muck that is “bathroom renovation”.

The first thing I tackled was the leaky shower knob- which as YouTube shows you is super easy…unless the pieces in your shower AREN’T REAL THINGS ANYMORE.  It wouldn’t have been a problem if I could’ve just replaced the plastic washer inside…but turns out I had literally crushed one of the nuts taking it off.  But, I managed to fix it with old and new parts. I happily turned my water off and on with zero dripping. Until I saw the shutoff valve I had just turned back on dripping. Because of course.  Well, YouTube taught us how to correct that problem, so we bought some graphite rope and put that in.  Well, Kile did the screwing and unscrewing on that. Didn’t want to figure out how to replace that nut if I crushed it.

Anyhoo….at the same time we were messing with all that, I was learning how to use joint compound to fix the corner in the bathroom that had been caulked/drywalled and was a straight up hot mess. Let me just say that I have spackled the hell out of my house and there isn’t NEARLY the learning curve to that as joint compound.  It’s practically a liquid and you absolutely cannot just lay it on thick like you do when you aren’t sure how much spackle to throw on. Finally got that all squared away and then painted the ceiling.

In the meantime, Kile was hanging crown molding in our kind of newly painted kitchen.  We had painted all the cabinets white (from stained wood) and the walls a light green about two years ago.  After a lot of HGTV voices telling me- “go ahead, be bold! take a chance!” about three weeks ago I painted the kitchen a darker jade green.  At first we were horrified and all I could think was “I’ve made my kitchen a room of despair and sorrow!” but apparently being terrified of bold color is an actual thing and the more time we spent in there, the better we felt about the color pop.  The crown molding was just the last piece in the color pop design.  Well, we also want new floors and a backsplash and new countertops. But, those have to wait because- bathroom reno.

So I guess that brings me to the present.  I’ve painter’s puttied and caulked the crown molding and given it a coat of paint. It already looks amazing and it is taking all I have not to rip down the tape right now to see what it will look like.  Kile has cut one of the pieces of backerboard and once he gets all that done we can start tiling the bathroom.


It’s going to be super exciting seeing it all done, but gah DIY can be grueling when you take on too much at one time, haha!

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