The Neglectful Gardener

So like 5 years ago my friend Gail taught me a ton about gardening- especially tomato gardening. And every year since I’ve grown a bunch of different varieties of tomatoes and peppers (varying levels of success) and dabbled in the squash, eggplant, pumpkin, melon. Since then I’ve become obsessive about citrus trees and this year took in baby bonsai trees (which at this point have a pretty high mortality rate in this house, but that’s a post for a different day).

I am a container gardener partially by choice and partially because the sun hits strongest and longest on my back deck. Well this year’s crop did very well compared to last year- up until the beginning of September.  In all honesty, I should’ve probably just cleaned up the plants at that point, but you say to yourself “well, there’s a couple small tomatoes on the plant, I’ll see how it does.” Don’t see how it does. Just go ahead and clean it up.  School started and then we got really busy and then it rained for a week and I ended up with the most disgusting MESS. And tons of these:


So I strapped on my gardening gloves and began to wash out all my containers.


Then let them dry in the sun…


Until I got to the last pot.  My “maybe bigger than I really need” pot that I had originally bought for my lime tree (a mistake). I pulled it away from the corner only to encounter- ANTS.  I’m not sure there is anything that makes my blood pressure go up quicker than ants.  If I spot ants in my house, I will set up bait traps and watch them for long periods of time to make sure that the ants are actually taking the bait back to their comrades.  CAN’T WITH ANTS. So after I got that all cleaned up, I put the big pot in the trash pile (it’s weird how it broke when I threw it off the deck.)

So the moral of the story is if you don’t clean up your garden you’ll have rotten fruit and ants.  Oh and buy these because they make your life super easy.


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1 Response to The Neglectful Gardener

  1. atkokosplace says:

    I am considering planting some plants in containers next year. My deck gets great sun too. Great post! Happy fall. Koko 🙂

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