Grout lines on fleek

So I went for a run, mowed the yard, powerwashed the house a bit, painted a soffit and the piece of trim in the kitchen today.  But I don’t want to talk about all that because we grouted the master bathroom floor tonight!!

Grouting was so much easier than mortaring/tile cutting/tile laying. So I write this entry not as a disgruntled DIYer, but as a super duper pumped DIY queen, nah, goddess. Oh, Kile gets equal titling, too.

We started out by using our handy dandy mixing tool that attaches to our drill to mix the grout. I did it for a minute or so but Ki jumped in because “[I] was stopping too much”.


Then we took the float and bucket-o-grout to the bathroom and got to work!  We took turns so neither would get too tired, but overall it didn’t take too long because we found the perk of large tiles- not a ton of grout lines.

DSC_1223 grouting

Then after you shove the grout in the lines with the float, you have to use a damp-almost-dry sponge to wipe the excess away.  Using a circular motion is totally best and alternating directions makes it easier.  Our arms kept getting tired so we alternated that too.


But, barely an hour later and BLAM, ready to set.  Next up? Caulk and then baseboard/quarter-round.  It’s coming along! The people will be here next week to refinish the shower tiles, so we may wait to do baseboard until after that.


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