Seeded in awesome

So you’re probably thinking “oh no post, Rainey must’ve spent the whole weekend firmly planted on the couch watching Jurassic World over and over again while eating buffalo chicken dip.”  Well you’re wrong.  Jurassic World doesn’t even come out until Tuesday. (Yes I preordered it and have it coming to my mailbox that very day.)

Speaking of my mailbox, let’s get down to what I DID do this weekend.  Besides working on Saturday, I fixed the hose bib in the front.  It’s been dripping for like a year now, but nothing serious….until last week. It must’ve known that I fixed the dripping shower knob and demanded attention of it’s own by GUSHING water.  The internet told me that it was likely a corroded washer (which was what was causing the leaking in the shower, so I was pretty well versed in that).  I ended up having to use a utility knife to carve out enough to pry it out, broke the screw (it was corroded) and went to Home Depot for the pieces. Boom. 4 dollar fix.  I didn’t take pictures of the process because I thought it would be quick, but in between unscrewing the piece and the final water turn-on was an extra trip to Home Depot where it was suggested I replace the whole bib. Good thought, except that we couldn’t unscrew it without significant movement in the pipe. So that’s when I carved out the washer and went back to Home Depot.  Annoying. But it worked out.  I took a picture of the finished product, though- ha!


Brings me to today.  After coaching a phenomenal eleven mile run this morning (Greyhounds and Wolverines you guys ROCK!), I started taking apart the mailbox and newspaper box.  Now I had actual reason for this- the side had completely rotted and me being me poked it to see if it was really rotted through and poked right through. So….at that point the need to fix it became immediate.  So we built one, and I spray painted the mailbox.  But I can’t put the mailbox on the post until tomorrow because it’s drying. And then I need to paint the post and put the letters back up.  I may have broken a couple prying them off, so I need to buy more of them.

But for tonight, I leave you with roasted pumpkin seeds.  I’m not a “fall girl”, but I do love roasted pumpkins seeds.  I use Lawry’s Seasoning Salt, what do you use for yours?

DSC_1261 DSC_1263

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