Riddle me this…riddle me that

So this Saturday I will be running my first costume half marathon as- you guessed it- the riddler! I spent a good chunk of yesterday morning working on the shirt since I was trapped in the house while we were having the tub surround and shower tiles REFINISHED!


Without further ado- part of my costume!


I also worked on the mailbox, but will have to finish that up tomorrow and will do a whole post on that entire process. It seems like it has taken forever, but it really hasn’t, just the waiting in between caulk and primer and paint coats.

But…..I will leave you with the before and after of our refinished tiles! Next up will be paint/finishing the master bath and then we’ll be retiling the floor in the hall bath. WOO.

DSC_1069 DSC_1278

DSC_1068 DSC_1279

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