Signed, Sealed, Delivered….More Like Cut, Built and Painted

FINALLY. The mailbox.  So to rewind- put my hand through the mailbox board because it had rotted, needed to fix it.  Anyhoo…so Sunday rolls around and we dismantle the newspaper box to reassemble it with new wood.


Now I have DIY hint. Lean in, it’s the most important DIY lesson you will EVER learn.  If you think something will take you x amount of time, automatically assume that it will take you three times that amount of time.

First off with this project, the wood we had was the wrong cuts. I didn’t realize that the curve of the deck boards was inappropriate for a newspaper box. (I’m sure it would have been fine.) So Ki goes to get new wood, uses the other pieces to traces the pieces and cuts. Meanwhile, I decide to give the mailbox a shiny coat of glossy black spray paint.

DSC_1256 DSC_1253

Then we reinforced and built!

DSC_1257 DSC_1259 DSC_1260

Here’s where it got super fun.  So Ki goes to work Monday morning and I bop outside to go put the mailbox up (wanted to let the spray paint dry over night).  Too bad we had put the platform RIGHT up against the post and the back lip of the mailbox couldn’t sit where it was supposed to.  Good thing Ki put like 8 extra nails in the platform so it couldn’t possibly move…. so I had to pull out the good ol’ saw and hand saw a sliver away from the back so I could put the mailbox down.  I’m sure this would have been 20 times easier with some assortment of electric saw, but I don’t do spinning blades other than the blender, lawn mower and garbage disposal.

DSC_1264 DSC_1265

But, I finally got the mailbox up and nailed it in place.

DSC_1266 DSC_1267

Used exterior caulk to help me cover some screw holes and seal the joints and sawed off parts of the boards….


Let that dry, then primed the whole thing.


First coat of paint.


Final coat:


And then numbers!


And that is the long story of how to rebuild a mailbox.  The good news? I think it should be good for a long while.  Now that the tile refinishing is almost dry, back to the master bathroom for some caulk, baseboard and paint!

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