Only half crazy?

This morning I had a half marathon.  Which went really well- but I wasn’t sure it was going to until it was over, ha.  Not only did I eat completely inappropriately the day before, but I got the worst sleep ever.  I kept popping awake every 30 minutes thinking I had overslept and then never really got back to any good sleep. But out of bed I trudged at 430am to get ready to race!

I don’t know about you, but every.single.time I get out of bed for a long race I’m always like “why did I do this to myself?”.  I sit and look in the mirror and am like arrgggghhhh.  But onward I push.  I did my makeup, hated it, took it off, did it again, hated it, took it off and then finally got it right.  I don’t normally wear makeup to a race, but costumes change everything!

So I drove to Petersburg and was a bundle of nerves.  My first half marathon almost two years ago was my PR time. In almost two years I hadn’t been able to break that time. I’m not sure where I’ve been going wrong…if my training has been lackadaisical or what. But needless to say I’ve hovered over my PR, but never gotten anywhere.  All I could think of is how well trained I am right now and how comfortable I am with that distance and wonder if today would be the day. I knew Petersburg had some hills- nothing like the Raleigh half marathon I did in April, but still.  I also couldn’t kick it up to my full potential because- I have eight miles to run with my Greyhounds and Wolverines tomorrow!

I made it to the start line with my stomach tossing and turning, I made it through the hills at a pace that felt really good (and I managed to maintain pretty equally the whole time) and I got to that finish line almost 4 minutes faster than my first half in 2013. BOOM, record shattered.

My lovely friend and her son were waiting for me at the finish line which helped keep me moving along steadily. And a fellow coach helped run me into the finish line. Also after I melted into a puddle after the finish line, ANOTHER riddler walked by and we snagged a pic together.

So, although I was dreading it, I could not be happier with the way the morning turned out.

12122746_1015789058442600_630328570550975221_n DSC_1304 DSC_1309

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