Brave New Bathroom

So here we go.  It took SO MUCH TIME…but it’s done.

BUT…let’s see how it all started…5 years ago.  Since then we’ve “redone” it twice, but renovated it this third time.

Here is what it looked like when we moved in! Mauve and stained wood. Not my cup of tea.

284138_1859411889803_7709139_n 270682_1859412369815_7900712_n 267910_1859412249812_5589082_n

So…we painted the wood and the walls white and replaced some hardware.


It felt SUPER clinical, so we went purple.

547785_10200782795636997_933993999_n 1378205_10200782795716999_860354071_n

It was okay for a while…until Kile stepped on the floor and it cracked apart.  Apparently it hadn’t been laid correctly and was just waiting to break. So we started on the biggest renovation we had taken on yet. The tiny little mosaic tiles covered the entire bathroom floor.



So now I present- the finished bathroom.

DSC_1387 DSC_1388 DSC_1389 DSC_1390 DSC_1391 DSC_1392 DSC_1394

Here is what the sprayed shower looks like up close.



267910_1859412249812_5589082_n DSC_1391

284138_1859411889803_7709139_n DSC_1390

270682_1859412369815_7900712_n DSC_1387

I’m so excited to start using it. Welcome to the 21st Century, bathroom.

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