Hip to be tied

So this weekend Ki and I drove away to Norfolk for a race weekend thanks to his mother and father!

The plan was 5k and half- his first half marathon and my 7th.  I’ve had residual hip flexor pain since tackling the treacherous hills of Petersburg…but haven’t had a chance to rest because after that weekend my team had a 12 mile training run, a 6 mile run, the actual half marathon and then this race weekend.

The 5k weather was PERFECTION. I hobbled for probably the first half mile and then found my stride and managed to do a pretty solid 5k.  Ki ran a PR for the first 5k he was trained and uninjured.

But the half. The weather slowly started taking a dive and the forecast went into the toilet.  And we woke up in the morning to a raining mess- and it never changed…except to get even colder while we ran.  My hip flexor was KILLING me for like the first four miles but we ran a really steady race- and Ki stayed with me the whole time for his first half.<3

We had a great weekend and saw tons of friends and completed the Get Lit Challenge.

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