Settin’ Goals

So it’s been a while since I’ve written…honestly not a whole lot going on as we try and acclimate back into the real world after Ki had two weeks off! We didn’t do any projects, haha. We save that for when we have other stuff to do.

But, I did set some goals for the new year. First let’s start with the non-exercise related.

  1. Tile the hall bathroom.  That floor has also cracked out and is ready for us to make our second go at tiles.  First went really well…let’s see how a BIGGER bathroom ends up!  Should be easier since we’re likely doing 12×12 tiles and not laying them in a pattern that will end with us standing at the entryway reaching to the back left corner.
  2. Get that debt monster down.  You know how it goes. Save money for the future, blah blah blah. Yeah, we’re on it.
  3. Keep my bonsais alive.  It’s been 6 months for most of them. I *can* do this.
  4. Get a little more green.  Every year on Earth Day I make small changes to lessen our carbon footprint on this awesome planet….don’t know what those will be just yet, but always my goal to be less of a dick to mother earth.
  5. Discover Virginia.  We are going to go to a lot of new places in VA this year.  We haven’t seen nearly enough of the state we live in.

Now on to the exercise related ones:

  1. PR- 5k, 10k, 10 miler, half and triathlon.  Not asking too much, am I? ha!
  2. Beat my husband in our exercise challenge.  We have a calendar and every qualifying exercise (3 miles + run, 5 miles + bike, exercise video or 30 minutes of something else) gets you an “x”.  The most xs at the end of the year gets something.  I assume we’ll decide as the year goes on.
  3. Run 1000 miles.  I was close last year (735), but lost some time with injuries. I got it this year!
  4. Figure out a way to get sponsored for my race entries. Haha, just kidding.  What would the sales pitch I would use be for that? “You have the once in a lifetime opportunity for me to race wearing YOUR COMPANY LOGO. My predicted race finishing is about 50th percentile. All I need from you is the entry fee, what do you say?”


Should be a great year! What are some of your goals?!

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