Who chopped down the lime tree?

Okay, so maybe I didn’t chop the whole thing down, but I finally did some reading on rooting cuttings and got up the nerve to cut off the enormous skewed branch from my lime tree.

A video from YouTube taught me how to do it, and in I dove! Whether this will or will not work, I don’t yet know.

I gathered my materials. Notice I poked holes in the bottom of the cups.


Check out how huge that branch is! And I probably will have to tell many of you this, because I’ve found a LOT of people don’t know- lime trees have thorns. BIG thorns.


I didn’t take pictures as I was cutting, but I got down to these three pieces.  The video on YouTube told me to take the leaves off up to the top and to rip those down, so that’s what I did.


Brand new haircut!


Wet the bottom of the cutting and dip it into the rooting hormone, tap the excess off.


Put in dirt.


Water and then put a plastic bag with rubber bands around top for a “greenhouse”.  And now we wait.


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1 Response to Who chopped down the lime tree?

  1. atkokosplace says:

    That is so awesome! I hope they “take root” and you will have some lovely trees to plant! Thank you for sharing. I love, love, love limes! Cheers, Koko 🙂

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