Reconfiguration Proclamation

So I’ve been thinking over and over again recently how badly I needed to change the layout of Arielle’s closet organizer so all her dresses/clothes could hang more logically.  The way it was everything was kind of crammed in space that didn’t fit such big girl clothes.  ::sigh:: She’s so old now.

Anyhoo, I’ve lamented not preparing some kind of home improvement project to work on while trapped in our house….when I realized- no better time than now!

Here’s how it started out:


Dresses sticking out because they can’t hang freely and in three different hanging zones since nothing fit hanging straight down.  This wasn’t a tough project, but it definitely wasn’t the easiest with all the tight hammering.

First, I pulled everything out of the closet in those areas and detached the two shelves from the center unit.  I had to pull all the pieces out of the wall and spackle (unfortunately for me I had no touch up paint…very disappointed in my lack of planning)


And added the shelf above- using a large level to make sure it wasn’t angled downward…then I anchored all the attachments into the wall with new anchors. Then I sanded the spackle. After I finished that shelf I added the one toward the bottom of the closet.


Added everything back into the closet and BAM! a much more usable space without getting rid of or relocating a single item!


Now I just need to buy some touch up paint so that the project is completely done.  I did take the opportunity to touch up a few spots on Arielle’s room walls, though.

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