Pretty pretty flowers

So I forgot to do a blog post when I started the seeds, but it’ll be okay because I have AT LEAST one more round of that.

Anyhoo, I did manage to document the transplanting!  So I started carnations, cockscomb, daisies, fairy flowers, basil and really old Santa Fe pepper seeds (I forgot to buy any and all pepper seeds this year and still haven’t managed to remember anytime I’ve been at the store.  Guess I’m buying starter plants?).  Anyway, all but the old pepper seeds have sprouted and are ready to move out of the tray into their own homes.


First, I labeled the containers! I grabbed these from a nursery nearby that has a “recycle” area.  They basically let anyone put pots from plants purchased in an area where other people can grab them.  Small caution, though- the area is usually exposed to the elements and stacked pots hold a lot of water….and lots of varieties of spiders like moist areas….so just wear gloves when you dig through this bin.


Then I started filling them with dirt. I did this inside in a tubtrug. Which is pretty much the best thing ever.


Look at the tiny baby! the ball of dirt is the teeny tiny root network.


Ta-da! Just remember to be gentle because the roots are super tiny and fragile. And be careful watering because it’s SO easy to essentially bury the tiny plant with dirt when you water it.


What are you planting this spring?

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