Richmond Ready.

“Richmond Ready”- what is that?  In little ol’ RVA it’s a way of running life.  It’s the right of passage for many into the endurance distance races…’s the Richmond Marathon/Half Marathon/8k.  Whether you are training to snag one of the ever beautiful medals or just annoyed at how many closed roads you have to deal with that day….you know about it if you live in Richmond. To be “Richmond Ready”, you are ready to run one of the November Richmond races.


I’ve been lucky enough the past three fall seasons to be a coach for the Sports Backer’s Half Marathon Training Team (Greyhounds!).  I’ve gotten to see half marathon hopefuls through a training season, and then to the end of the race.  I’ve gotten to give advice, calm fears and cheer hundreds of runners.  On the race course whether they need me for 20 feet or 3 miles, I am there to help.  It is my privilege to relish in everyone’s joy, and with pride see so many cross that finish line.


To those that will not be crossing now or have had to back out in the past- I commend you on choosing your health over your pride.  It’s not easy to concede to an injury, but it happens to us all.  Next year Richmond will have to be ready for YOU.


It’s going to be an exciting weekend seeing another round of successes- I can’t wait.

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