Miles to Go

Marathon training: week 1 is DONE.  The goal of the week was to just run happy.  Starting marathon training again was very bitter sweet, but to explain that I have to go back a bit.

Last October, I began marathon training for my first ever marathon- the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach.  And for 6 grueling months I had cold, dark winter runs- some with my training buddy Tammy, but many on my own. All of that culminated into- nothing.  My family and I went to VA Beach and picked up my packet for the race, but that was as far as I got.


1am race morning I woke up sick to my stomach.  Hoping it was just nerves, I went back to bed. Unfortunately, it was not a fluke and by 6am I was so dehydrated that my husband and kids had to take me to the ER.  Instead of running the marathon that I had spent 6 months training for, I sat with an IV in my arm. I was crushed.

I had sent J&A Racing an email with a copy of my hospital discharge papers asking if there was anything they could do, and they graciously sent me all the finisher items and told me to do it virtually.  So, my “sole” sisters- the Lizes – got together and planned my virtual marathon. Little did I know how epic this marathon would be.  I woke up on “race day” not really knowing what to expect…and was surprised by friend after friend running with me, at water stops, cheering- about 50 people showed up to help me run a marathon.

The Rainey-Check Marathon is one of the most incredible things that has ever been done for me.  I am so grateful for everyone that came out that day, and especially for these two who spent oodles of time coordinating everyone and making sure it was a very special re-do.  The news even covered it! Nothing like a video of you ugly-crying making it to television, haha!


But, of course, I still have unfinished business with the actual race.  So, obviously I signed up for the Shamrock Marathon 2018.

Anyways, that brings us back up to this week.  Starting marathon training has been nerve-wrecking.  I keep thinking about the big what-if.  “What if I do all this training and I end up not being able to do the race again?”

Obviously I can’t spend all my days wondering what could possibly happen, but sometimes it’s hard to shake.  And as I come off a tough reality check in Norfolk, I came into this week hoping I could dust myself off.  Running is such a mental game that the pressure of starting something again is a lot to handle.

But, I can do this.  I gave myself a week to enjoy the sunshine and reclaim my love of training and running before getting down to business- and it worked.  I had the best week of running I have probably ever had.  I felt strong, happy and  able.  There are many weeks and many miles to go, but I have started and started well. One of my favorite quotes says “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (Lao Tzu). And while I have much to do, I have taken that step. Shamrock Marathon- I’m coming for you.

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