wizard of drawers

So I got home from work at about 315 today and worked on my daughter’s dresser until like 8.  Granted it was slow going and had Facebook breaks, but still pretty much continuous.

Here is the pile of pieces I started with:


After a little while I had managed to make my way to this point- no thanks to my lazy assistant.

DSC_1327 (1) DSC_1328

But she popped back up and turned into the ultimate supervisor.

DSC_1329 DSC_1331

And FINALLY (and with a little help from Ki after he got home from work), it was done! Here she is in all her glory.  Oh and the already a mess bed that I forgot to show the finished product.

DSC_1334 DSC_1336

Can’t wait to get the nightstand we ordered! Hopefully it stops raining at some point so we can cut the materials for the bathroom.

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