Pipe Dreams

So when there’s a drip, there’s a washer that needs to be changed. But I warn you…plumbing is like a domino effect- always remember that.

You know it’s probably a washer that needs to be changed if the knob itself is dripping.  *I AM NOT A PLUMBER AND YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE THIS AS INSTRUCTIONS, ONLY WHAT I PERSONALLY DID.*

So I take off the knobs- our showers are old enough where you literally need a knob remover because I really really don’t want to learn the “don’t strongarm plumbing” lesson and then I unscrewed the piece behind it.

DSC_1338 (1) DSC_1339 (1)

Then I unscrewed the stem unit. These were tucked more into the wall than the shower ones were, so I had to use a shower valve socket.

DSC_1340 (1) DSC_1341 (1)

Unscrew the screw at the at the end of the stem (on the left in the first picture), puncture your hand with a screw driver (okay don’t do that).

DSC_1343 (1)DSC_1342 (1)

Then I replaced worn washer with new one!

DSC_1344 (1)

Something always goes wrong, though.  Personally, I snapped the head off a screw and had to spend a ton of time getting it out. THEN, the shutoff valve was leaking so we had to put some packing in the nut.  THEN, the other one started leaking for some reason. THEN the main one.  So basically, I leave myself a day to fix things.

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