Something is coming…

Today I want to talk about a DIY project I did a couple months ago, but was still one of the easiest and best ones we did.  We painted our brick fireplace. I know you probably are saying to yourself “yeah, no.” but stay with me.  It’s a little time consuming, but worth EVERY SECOND.

First, you have to wash the brick. Which is just as weird and annoying as it sounds. I shredded a sponge before realizing I should use a brush. and then made a huge mess cleaning with the brush. Long story short- it took a while. After it dries, you’re left with ready to get started bricks.

This is what ours looked like before. Sorry it’s so blurry, I’m terrible about taking “before” pictures.  I get so excited and jump in before I get a picture. I’d already started priming the sides of the fireplace and filled in some of the holes with caulk.


Here it is fully primed. This is what took the longest. Because the brick absorbs so much it took me a solid three hours to get through this part with full coverage. I know Kile’s in this picture, but don’t be fooled, he only helped with the easy peasy painting part.


And after we painted, here she is!  The atmosphere of the room is less dingy/dated and we just LOVE the color. It took a while but I finally found the perfect grey beige to give it a “hearthy” feel but blend nicely into our “modern nature” look.


Right now we’re gearing up to get started on the mantle (since I started putting up holiday decorations and was like “OH NO WHERE WILL WE PUT STOCKINGS?!”). I know we haven’t finished the bathroom but we’re close. We are very close.

Also….this is coming soon….


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