Tales of Tiny Trees

Around January of this year, I bought my first bonsai trees.  I don’t have a single one of those trees.  I consider myself a decent gardener, but am not ashamed to admit that I have killed probably 5 or 6 bonsai trees.  Why am I not ashamed to admit that? Because bonsai trees are difficult.  Gardening is a little reading and being advised…and a whole lot of a trial and error. So I have tried…and many times have erred.

Most of the errors I have made are with watering. Bonsai trees are super particular about it and I had housed the first few in terra cotta pots and not really accounted for how much water that alone would suck up.  So in addition to not wanting to overwater and not realizing how much water a lot of bonsais need, the pots were stealing what I WAS giving.

Also, went on vacation in August for six days and round 2 of bonsai trees kicked the bucket.

But I’m on round three and have been doing pretty well, if I do say so myself.


Well today I decided to take a trip to my favorite indoor plant nursery because I needed one of the plastic dishes to go under my newest citrus tree when it comes indoors.  And I couldn’t help but check out the bonsais.


I’ve been eyeing the outdoor bonsai trees for a while now (specifically the Chinese Elm) and even though the last outdoor one I bought in February didn’t do so well, I decided to dive in.

New bonsai selfie!


My awesome things!


I need to transplant it as soon as I can so it can adjust before I shape it up!

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