Tiles to go before I sleep

So we started tiling the bathroom yesterday.  That is instantly the most stressful DIY project we have done to date.  Potentially because of the gigantic tile we chose.  We picked 12″ x 24″ tiles for our 4′ x 6′ bathroom so that we could have long lines making the bathroom seem bigger.  Great idea, us. Except those tiles are very very hard to work with.

Our day started with the attempt to use a borrowed wet tile table saw, when we hit our first “these tiles are enormous” snag….the saw couldn’t cut a tile that big. So off we went to Home Depot and picked us up a wet tile hand saw. DIY projects tend to go over budge, always.


New saw in hand, we got to work cutting. And by “we” I mean Ki.  Well, I held tiles and took a barrage of porcelain chips to the arm and face (don’t worry, I was wearing safety goggles).

DSC_1199 (1) DSC_1201


We didn’t finish cutting the tiles until today and then laid them to make sure everything fit okay.  Lucky for us we didn’t have to open the third box of tiles! Help offset a little bit of the cost of the saw.

But now comes the torturous part.  Our bathroom is, like I said before, 4′ x 6’….tiny.  The way we were laying the tiles made them need to be laid in rows from the back of the bathroom to the front in the row entirety before moving along.  So we basically got to the doorway of the bathroom and had to stand in our bedroom and stretch for part of the project. That would be the next enormous tile snag- imagine bracing yourself on a wall four feet away from where your feet are and trying to lay a huge tile….


There is a learning curve with mortar, that’s for sure.  And big tiles was not the way to learn that curve. But, we did it! Tomorrow (or Tuesday probably, ha!) we’ll do the grout and after that dries/cures/whatever we’ll do the baseboard and quarter-round.  THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.  Well, until we start the next bathroom.


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