Plants errrrwhere

So for my birthday we went out and bought a BUNCH of plants. But nothing I accomplished today had anything to do with any of those. Be prepared, though. Some sweet terrariums are coming.

Today I managed to repot my lucky prayer plant for my desk at my NEW JOB, repot the ficus bonsai tree, and also give the air plant some rocks for its new home.

First, the prayer plant, though, which was essentially just your average everyday repot. Dirt, pull out of nursery planter, pull apart the roots, sit in new pot, fill with dirt. Done!

And then the bonsai.  I had to cut the roots a bit because they were getting out of control….but just a couple scissor snips and it was perfect.  I didn’t need to anchor the tree because the base was already pretty awesome.  This time I used mostly bonsai mix, but added in a little potting soil.

Finally, the air plant.  I’m not going to lie, I think it’s going to die.  It was glued to the bottom of the old globe and I ripped it out.  I’m not sure what it’s supposed to look like on the bottom, but when I tried to pull the glue off, some of the bottom of the leaves came off.  Time will tell, I suppose.

I started thinking of how I wanted to do the terrariums, but realized for the closed-lid ones I needed some potting charcoal…so that production takes a halt until I acquire that.  I would start the open one, but I’ve already spent a lot of the day playing in the dirt and there’s laundry that needs my attention.

Oh! I also started some jalapeño seeds finally!


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